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Our commitments

For healthier nutrition

Healthier food for nutrition adapted to motherhood.
The reconciliation of pleasure and nutrition.
Snacks designed with passion and gourmandise to guarantee unique, tasty, nourishing and healthy recipes.

0% guilt, 100% pleasure!

For a friendly ecosystem

Our company is growing in an ecosystem where all stakeholders are working towards a common mission: improving health during motherhood through food.

For sustainable choices

LFDM is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through responsible choices and actions.

Healthier nutrition

LFDM is an innovative brand, each range has been the result of demanding research in collaboration with dieticians, health professionals and a team of food engineers. A founding principle: quality.
This innovation translates into healthy products, designed to remedy the nutritional deficiencies of pregnant or breastfeeding women with functional ingredients that provide benefits to the body (superfoods!) such as DHA (in the omega 3s), vitamin B9, B6, iron, magnesium and other nutrients that meet the specific needs of each period of motherhood: pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum.
– Our snacks are minimally processed, with simple recipes, short ingredient lists, 100% natural and organic, no synthetic additives or colourings!
– Manufacturing methods that respect the ingredients and preserve the nutritional qualities of the nutrients through gentle cooking processes, preserving all the properties of the seeds, DHA micro-algae oil (made in Brittany!)
– A food that is a source of well-being for mothers and their babies: our products are signed health but also natural and pleasure.
– Our cereal bars prevent weight gain thanks to the satiating capacity of the fibres (facilitating transit) and by replacing snacks containing fast sugars or ingredients that are prohibited during pregnancy or breastfeeding. At La fabrique des mamans, anything goes!

The first 1000 days of life

It is during the first 1000 days of life that the foundations of each individual’s health are laid. It is a crucial period for preparing the health of the future child and its development.

The impact of the mother’s diet on the baby during pregnancy and then during breastfeeding is recognised and fundamental. Thanks to discoveries in epigenetics, we now know that our diet can be the cause of modifications in the expression of our DNA. Certain nutrients are particularly noted (DHA, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, choline, betaine, zinc, etc.).

Having an iron health in adulthood, it starts from the first weeks of life, in the womb.

This is the basis of La fabrique des mamans’ thinking and its commitment. LFDM is committed to designing nutritional snacks that bring the best of nature to mothers and babies.

The actors of our network

You, future and new mothers
and those around you, especially the fathers who have a place at your side, Antoine Larzul, founder of the brand, is a symbol of this. Our actions are inspired by your feedback, your experiences and our exchanges. Our commitment goes beyond our products, we are here to accompany you towards a more natural and healthy diet and to answer your questions about pregnancy, baby food, nutrition, sport, natural remedies, etc. From the beginning, we have been surrounded by experts who support us and accompany you.

Health professionals
We support all the professionals who help mothers to experience their pregnancy naturally and the adventure of breastfeeding: midwives, lactation consultants, prenatal yoga teachers, osteopaths, acupuncturists, phytotherapists, sophrologists, etc., but also maternity hospitals.

We have developed a Partner Kit dedicated to perinatal professionals where we sell the cereal bars at cost price with the price of transport. They are sent with informative material produced by our team. Mothers receive the bars and nutritional information free of charge at their health posts. For more information, contact us.

Our team
is fully committed to the values of La fabrique des mamans. Our offices are located on the banks of the Odet river in Finistère, in a green and inspiring setting for our daily activities. The quality of life at work contributes to the well-being of the whole team.

Our partners in the social and solidarity economy (SSE)
For the past two years, our shipments have been managed by an ESAT, inclusion being one of our strong values. Solidarity actions are also a project that has its place in our brand strategy.

Our manufacturing workshops
Our workshops are Ecocert certified, all based in France. We work hand in hand with them and they are committed to an ever more ethical and responsible approach.

Our international partners
LFDM has no borders. More and more of our distributors trust us and offer our products in Europe and abroad.

Responsible environmental action

French and certified organic production
Our Ecocert-certified manufacturing workshops, all based in France, with whom we work hand in hand, are committed to an increasingly ethical and responsible approach.

Our made in France products contribute to a positive impact on the environment with transport limited to the territory.

Responsible choices
In addition to natural raw materials and Ecocert-certified finished products, La fabrique des mamans wants to have a positive impact: we pack the parcels with ecological, recyclable and even edible corn balls and we reuse cardboard boxes as much as possible

An ecological choice of packaging
The plastic used to package our products is 100% recyclable PET

In addition, a project is underway to have compostable packaging films.

We share
the love

Since our creation in 2018, we have been advocating for everyday pleasure eating.

We are committed to helping you fill up on nutrients for you and your family with our products, and guiding you with our expert advice.

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