Postpartum Discovery Set


Special for young mothers! After giving birth, it is important to have quality nutritional intake. Especially if you are breastfeeding. We have designed our gourmet bars with the best superfoods in order to guarantee you a nutritional contribution always at the top!

Composition of the box: 8 Honey Almond breastfeeding bars, 2 Dark Chocolate Energy bars, 2 Red Fruit Immunity bars. In gift our guide on the food during the pregnancy.

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In addition to its characteristic taste, the hazelnut is also a real nutrient bomb! Rich in minerals, vitamins B6, B9 (essential for the growth of your baby) and iron, it will be your ally throughout your pregnancy.


Acerola is an extraordinary little red berry from Brazil, which contains 20 times more vitamin C than an orange! Widely consumed in the Caribbean for its many nutritional properties, it is mainly known for strengthening the immune system and stimulating physical and intellectual performance.

Chocolate Energy Bar

Ingredients : Mixed seeds* 28% (sunflower, flax*, sesame), oat flakes* 26% (gluten), rice syrup*, dark chocolate chips* 13% (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*), roasted hazelnut chips*12%, oil extracted from the micro alga Shizochitrium sp (antioxidant: Natural tocopherol blend*), roasted and crushed cocoa bean chips*, acerola powder*, ginger powder* 0. 3%, sea salt.

Bar Immunity red fruits

Ingredients : Mixed seeds* 28% (sunflower*, brown flax* and sesame*), oat flakes* (gluten) 26%, rice syrup*, roasted hazelnut chips* 15%, cranberries*6% (dried cranberries*, apple juice concentrate*, sunflower oil*), blueberries* 2% (dried blueberries*, sugar*, sunflower oil*), stabilizer: acacia fiber*, oil extracted from the micro alga Schizochytrium sp (antioxidant:blend of natural tocopherols*), acerola extract.

Bar Breastfeeding honey almond

Ingredients : Mixed seeds* 26% (sunflower*, brown flax* and sesame*), oat flakes*24% (gluten), almonds* 12% (whole shelled* and roasted granules*), honey* 10.5%, rice syrup*, roasted hazelnut chips*, stabilizer : acacia fiber*, oil extracted from the micro alga Schizochytrium sp (antioxidant: mixture of natural tocopherols*), fennel seed extract* 1.4%, acerola powder*, cinnamon powder*.



Chocolate Energy Bar
Nutritional values for 1 bar (36g): Energy: 743 kj / 178 kcal; Fat: 11g; Saturated fatty acids: 2.2g; Monounsaturated fatty acids: 4.0g; Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 4. 0g ; Omega 3 / EPA + DHA : 0.24g ; DHA : 0.24g ; Carbohydrates : 14g of which sugars 5.6g ; Dietary fiber : 3.1g ; Protein : 4.4g ; Salt : 0.05g ; Vitamin C : 12mg ; Iron : 1.5mg ; Magnesium : 80mg.

Red Fruit Immunity Bar

Nutritional values for 1 bar (36g): Energy: 700 kj / 168 kcal; Fat: 9.6g; Saturated fat: 1g; Monounsaturated fatty acids: 3.8g; Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 4. 1g ; Omega 3 / EPA + DHA : 0.25g ; DHA : 0.24g ; Carbohydrates : 14g of which Sugars 5.5g ; Dietary fiber : 3.6g ; Protein : 4.2g ; Salt : 0.02g ; Vitamin B9 : 30μg ; Vitamin C : 12mg

Honey almond Breastfeeding bar
Nutritional values for 1 bar (36g): Energy: 712 kj / 171 kcal; Fat: 10g; Saturated fat: 1.1g; Monounsaturated fatty acids: 4.3g; Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 4g; Omega 3 / EPA + DHA: 0. 25g ; DHA : 0.24g ; Carbohydrates : 13g of which sugars 5.7g ; Dietary fiber : 4.4g ; Protein : 4.5g ; Salt : 0.02g ; Vitamin C : 12mg ; Vitamin B6 : 0.08mg ; Magnesium : 41mg

Informations complémentaires
Weight 288 g

Oats (gluten), nuts (hazelnuts), sesame seeds.
Potential traces of other nuts, soy, milk, egg.

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