Pregnancy: 10 ways to announce the arrival of your baby

You are now in your third month of pregnancy. The ultrasound went well, the baby is fine. All you have to do now is tell the people around you. But how? From the simple photo of the ultrasound to the most original ideas, we propose you today to discover 10 ways to announce the good news!

The ultrasound

To begin with: simple and effective, the ultrasound remains the most common way for future parents to announce the arrival of their baby.

Annonce grossesse échographie

Mum’s belly

The belly is starting to round out, so it’s time to take a little photo with daddy kissing the pretty belly! And then we send the photo to all our friends and family!


The pregnancy test

If you want to play the humour card, here’s a funny way to announce that you’re pregnant: Daddy fainting in front of the pregnancy test!

Annonce grossesse papa qui s'évanouit

The big brother or sister

What if we used the future big brother or sister to reveal the good news! Soon they won’t be the last of the family!


The scratch card

To announce the good news in an original way to the future dad or auntie, there’s nothing like surprising her with a scratch card. You can also surprise the future grandmother by announcing: “you are going to be a granny”, with a surprise card. This is what the company Joyeux papier offers.


The surprise egg

An original and handmade idea: the surprise egg! After removing the inside of the egg and adding your note, all you have to do is paint the shell and you’ve got a pretty homemade announcement!


The family’s shoes

A simple but just as cute way, baby’s shoes with Mum and Dad’s shoes!


The movie poster

Watch out for the arrival of baby on your screens soon! Announcing it in the form of a cinema poster is a very original idea! And in addition, it remains a very nice souvenir to hang in the baby’s room!

Annonce grossesse affiche de cinéma

Pregnancy magazines

Magazines about pregnant women, catalogues about pushchairs and dummies… Leave a few clues around the house to let people know that a new baby is on the way!


The puzzle

As well as being pretty, this puzzle is also a beautiful souvenir that Grandma will be happy to keep!


The little French biscuit

Last but not least, our favourite way to announce the great news is with the Little French Biscuit. As well as being pretty and delicious, they are handmade in France! So Dad, happy?


And how did you announce the arrival of your baby? 🙂

La fabrique des mamans

La fabrique des mamans

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